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12 piercings currently have metal in them (although I have more healed holes) and two tattoos so far. Getting a new one next weekend! My housemate is my tattoo artist.

My first tattoo was from a picture of one of my leopard geckos... which I had the artist just take the outline and then stylize the insides. It represents the end of a very close friendship when my former friend became a junkie, dumped all her animals on me (8 leos, a uromastyx, cat, and dog) and got busted by the FBI.

My other tattoo is a memorial piece for my mother who died last year. I've decided to dedicate my right arm to mom-memorial tattoos, and under my lizard tattoo I'm getting a cool Haida frog really soon. My left leg is going to be a herp "totem".

I have tons of other tattoo plans too... including some really awesome insects.

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