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First of all, there are 2 fire extinguisers in my apartment that I could use to out a fire that started directly in my place. I do have a vague plan should it be too large to put out or it started in another apartment.

I have a drawer in my living room filled with snake bags so I'd start stuffing herps into them like crazy and they would go into a rubbermaid if there is time, otherwise out the window. I'm in a split level and the ground is about nipple high on me when I look out my windows. I didn't choose my place specifically because of that reason but I'm sure glad that I thought of that plan. If the fire prevented me from reaching the snake bags I'd try to get pillowcases, clothing I could knot up to close, or even stuff them in my bra, socks and pockets if I need to do so.

The budgies are in a small aviary and could go out the window just as they are. The cat is trained to come to me at a whistle and I could easily get him out.

Finding and calming my free-roaming ig enough to get her into a bag would probably be the biggest challenge. She'd likely be in one of her 3 high basking areas and smoke would definitely make it hard to see her. I'll have to think about what I could do to make that easier. She means the world to me. If I absolutely had to make a choice, obviously I'd save the animals that were closer and easier to get to first but I pray to God I never have to make that kind of choice.
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