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Well, if everyone wants to meet up for drinks and dinner, you can all come to the restaurant i work at!
Its in Toronto, but not to far of drive from Mississauga. Probably 20 minutes or so from the show.
Not the Cheapest place to eat, but if you like Italian, COME ON DOWN! We have the best gourmet wood oven Stove Pizzas in Toronto , As well as the the best Ceaser Salad anywhere.
And i make quite good Pork Tenderloin, Chicken Supreme Stuffed with Pecan and Pears On top of butternut Squash and wilted Swiss Char topped with pan juices, Stuff Asiago with Asiago cheese, Spinich and onions, Rissotto , etc...

Ill be cooking Both Friday and Saturday night!
So PM me if you guys wanna make a big reservation.

Grant van Gameren
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