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Wow everybody...what great stories!! I think yal could write a book! Ha ha!
Well, I guess I started to like reptiles when I was a lil kid, about 5 I would say. I remember I used to go up to this lil camper up in Hesperia, Michigan and catch salamanders like crazy! I had such a good time! I remember we would keep them in a bucket for the night, then let them go in the morning (when we would leave). Then I also remember one of my dad's friends saying they found a snake. It was a garter snake and I held it for a bit and it was really kewl (I think I was about 7 or 8 then). Then I would keep wanting to find snakes and salamanders and things everytime I went up there. I guess I never realized that I had a true passion for reptiles at that age. Then the day came when I was up north at my dad's house, which is also in Hesperia, and I was driving the 4 wheeler and my dad's girlfriend's daughter, Stephanie, was on the back. All the sudden she screamed " A SNAKE, A SNAKE!" I stopped and saw the tiny thing. I still cannot believe that she ever saw that thing... Anyway, it was a baby hognose snake. At the time I didnt know what it was. Then I started to try and catch the snake. I caught it and then it went through the motions of playing dead and trying to get away and all that jazz. I then had Steph drive back to the house and get something to put it in. Since she was taking 4ever I just slipped my boot off and put it in there. She came back shortly after w/o anything because she figured I had been waiting there too long so she didnt even go to the house. We then drove back to the house and I put the snake in a bucket with some leaves and a stick. Then I brought it to my mom's and then I put it in a cage in my science teacher's room. He lived for about a month or 2 then he died. I really regreted ever taking that poor snake outta the wild.... But the thing is, after it died...I WANTED ANOTHER!!! So I got another snake, Leo, and I now have 3 snakes and I have really explored my true passion for these amazing creatures!! So I guess I found my true passion for snakes when I was 12, so about a year ago! lol..
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