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Originally posted by ballpython5000
looks like if you start young then you are most likely to become fond of them. a lot of us have started young.........hmmm interesting. maybe thats why people have such a big herp phobia, becuase they never got expose to them when they were kids.
I'm the second of 8 kids and none of my brothers and sisters like my reptiles or would go into the woods with Grandpa. One of my brothers has a mild interest in my herps and will feed them when I'm away but the others are basically still afraid of them.

Even Jim won't touch them, just change out the water dishes, dole out salads and bugs, or thaw mice and throw them directly into the cages. He absolutely refuses to use feeding tongs or a feeding cage, so I only allow him to feed my snakes if I'm absolutely stuck for help and simply must be out of town.
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