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looks like if you start young then you are most likely to become fond of them. a lot of us have started young.........hmmm interesting. maybe thats why people have such a big herp phobia, becuase they never got expose to them when they were kids. way too many fear herps. yesterday at the vet i had my ball python with me, i could instantly tell who was a herp hatter becuase they all jumped up and went to the opposite side of the room. but i was happy to have two 5 year olds approach me and ask if it was real. i showed it to them and let them pet it. they really enjoyed it, maybe this will help prevent them from becoming like the other half of the room.
one of the people went to go pay for their vet bill and the husband was like, come on dear. she goes no no no, im not going anywhere near that damned snake, eww!!! i was pissed, she even gave me and evil look the whole time. like somehow all snakes are evil and vicious. then my dad yelled at me like it was all my fault the lady feared it, come on i wasnt even 10 feet near the damn register. i was happy to see that the kids were interested. heck i sent a few pics to my nephew and him and his sister have been trying to get a python even since. they have to settle for a box turtle though!!!
oh, im rambling again, whoops.
anyone else have crap like this happen???

snow foxx:
we have hog nose snakes in maine?
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