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Ive loved herps and arachnids since i was 5 and im in my 40"s now and still working with them and own them.. I use to go to the swamp at the end of our road and catch all kinds frogs tadpoles and snakes and put wierd looking spiders in jars to keep as pets .. my mom would say gota keep um in the garage, and that would make me mad so i would sneak them into the house when she wasnt around and hide them under my bed .. Then one year i was about 8 or so and she found out i had a garter snake in the house as it got loose and she found it alrighty in the bathroom and that was it for me sneaking things in.. I would trade frogs at school to the boys for there biggest garter snakes, how stupid they were hehehehe!! I got cool snakes for some toads and wood frogs that i could catch a ton of.. I guess i was the only girl in school that would always bring some kind of critter in stashed in my bags or lunch box.. I have always had reptiles and other exotic animals all my life, they are like my babies and they are my companions and also a major stress reliver.. I did school lectures and would also help others how to properly care for them and to get to know all the critters they have never seen or been close to.. Cant live without um...
Warnning! Owner is to busy playing with her critters, tarantulas loose everywhere!!

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