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Re: Riverrun (Poss Temp Name)

Well, recently 5/6 of my snakes went into shed. There's just Cloud due to shed now. So, everyone's been fed recently and River herself shed and ate 2 days ago. She left a big pile of poo in her tub, and was acting rather manic in her tub about the whole ordeal, so I took her out to clean it up and try to help her release some of that energy. When I notice her getting really excited, and trying to rub (which she rarely does), taking her out of the tub for a bit and handling her usually gets her to calm down and stop rubbing.

I also went ahead and weighed her and tried to get at least a rough length on her. She now weighs 220 grams, and is at least 3.5' or maybe even an inch or two longer.

I'll try to get some better, outdoor pics ASAP. But she's starting to really pick up on grow lately.
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