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roughly since i was 3. thats when i discovered we had hundreds of garter snakes hiding in our back yard. i would spend all my free time checking under rocks for new snakes to play with. i caught about 3 a day. every now and then i would catch a few babies or a giant adult. if i was really lucky i would find multiple snakes under one rock, just finding that made my whole day. but of course maine winters are cold so all good things had to end, i got so bored during winter without any reptiles to play with. there was a river behind my house with large ammounts of turtles and frogs also, but i couldn't catch those. so when i was 5 or 6 one day i was trying to sleep when my mom told me to get the hell up and get in the car. i was pissed, i was tryin to take my nap! we shortly arrived at the pet store where i met my birthday present, my first snake. it was a okeetee normal i think maybe albino. ill scan pics for you guys to judge im not good with corn morphs. well anyway i played with that thing for hours. but then when i was 8 or 9 we moved out of that house and into the house i currently live in. snakes here are sparse and hard to find. so for 2 years my reptile interest kinda got pushed aside, every now and then i would buy a gecko or anole or something. but i never really got "into" it until i got a ball python when i was like 10. a ball python brought me back and it keeps me here. but this is probably the time where i have been biggest into the reptile hobby. i dont know just how much further it can go.........
i been into this reptile hobby for a long time i guess. and its the same way for my older sister, so maybe its just in the family. with the internet now my hobby has been really picking up, becuase when i was little all i had was a few reptile books the elementary school had in stock. and middle school had little or none, while the high school has only 1.
sorry i just had a lot of time on my hands
this thread really got my thinking as to why im soo big into reptiles. and i traced it back to a few garter snakes
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