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...Well, since I'm incredably bored and to tired to sleep, here's my prolonged story. Read it..

..."Mom... Mom! C 'mere, help me get this thing out of this rock!" Though my family has been around animals my whole life, I personally never really had a spark for them until my childhood encounter. I was your everyday 5 year old explorer, getting into things I wasn't surpose to and wondering off when my mother had her back turned. Well, one day while I was cutting down a "forest" with my Tonka Truck to provide a clear passage for a select few army men to reach Godzilla and of course save the world, me and the troops came acrossed an unusual boulder in our path. Of course the egar sargent exclaimed the object to be destroyed but I was unfamiliar with such a "rock". As I stared for a short few minutes I noticed it started to move. Levers seemed to drop from the bottom and something started to creep out, quickly grabbing the object I took it to the person who knew everything at the time being. My mother. I exclaimed I had found an odd looking rock and there's something inside that I wanted to get out. She of course didn't understand and denied my request. She started to explain to me what this animal was and before long I was hooked. I made her read everything we could find on these animals. I soon realized I had found an Ornate Box Turtle (T. o. ornata). Now nearly 15 years later I have successfully bred this male Ornate box turtle to many females and hatched out many little miniture ornates. There's no telling how old this particular guy is. My mom said he was a sure adult when I found him and now 15 years later he is still around and going strong. Over these last 15 years I have kept many other herps. I've kept most of the herps that are native to Oklahoma, besides the Broadband copperhead.. Sneaky little creatures.. Ive also kept countless numbers of US residential herps as well as herps from all across the world. At the time being (Tonight) I have 8 or so different species of crocodilians and several hundred turtles that is native to Oklahoma. At the moment I have no snakes, until tomorrow that is.. which I will be getting a Het albino Monocle and a black neck spitter. Like I said, Ive been around herps all my life and most likely will stay with them until I die.. I'm also partial to big cats and other animals as well.. Good story?
Below is a pic of the male box turtle and one of his last years off spring.

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