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News from the "No Line"

Let me make this clear for the Admins, this post is in no way about the "fobidden subject" on this site (it is spelled closely to VAR). This post will in no way violate your new rules which resulted in the deletion of a former post of a letter from FAMILY member.

I recieved this email from my cousin, Amanda. She is in a dangerous profession that requires her to do alot of travelling. I thought I would share (again). those words listed in Quotation marks (".") have been edited to remove the forbidden material.

I have had the chance to read some of the things that are being printed in the news back at home, and I just have to say don't believe everything you read or hear. Things are going pretty well. I think that we expected more of the citizens here to support us, but the bottom line is that they are scared that we will leave and they will be "SPANKED" under the current "BOSS" There are atrocities happening in cities against the "OTHER" people by the "BAD" party that are unbelieveable. I would never have believed had I not been here. We are working hard to restore the respect these people have for us and our "JOB".
There has not been anything that that we have not expected, that has surprised us or thrown us off. We expect to get a "CLEANING PRODUCT" attack, and we are ready. We expect "UNHAPPY PEOPLE", and we are ready. At this point, in our "STUDY GROUP", we have lost 1 "UNFORTUNATE SOUL" to "GETTING LOST".
All in all we are doing okay. Please don't read the news and listen to some of this stuff. They have got so much information wrong, I can't believe it's in print.
and a little lighter (can you tell we're related?)
We are starting to get mail again today and the first thing I got was a package from Mom. With crackers, peanut butter and power bars. Of course, much of what I have eaten in the past week has been the boxes of raw spaghetti and I have mamaged to hook a few people on that. They dig my groove with the raw pasta.
This post in no way mentions ANYTHING relating to the "forbidden topic" of an important event for all of us. How people interpret this ambiguous and edited letter is up to them. It is from someone in an undefined area about an undefined profession and her impressions. Nothing more. Interpet it how you will, but no "rules" have been violated.
I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it.

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