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Wow, the implications. This is something I haven't thought of at all. I just bought a house and dedicated one of the top floor bedrooms to herps. My cats and dog are smart, and I know my husband would hurry to help with them as he doesn't care about my herps at all. Assuming he was home to take care of them...

I'd throw my milksnake, corns, and balls all in together in a large rubbermaid tub. I'd throw all my leopard geckos (including those in quarantine) into another rubbermaid. I'd hang my beardie from my shirt (he's good stuck there for hours) and run all those outside.... if I had time for another trip I would just grab my frogs and throw them in the small disposable gladware dishes I use as their waterdishes. All this stuff is already kept in the herp room.

Now then, if the fire actually STARTED in my herp room... sadly I would probably try hardest to save the snakes and the beardie. I just don't know. I've extinguished 3 fires in my homes in the past by myself... I didn't grab my animals and run out the door, I grabbed the fire extinguisher or a bucket of water and doused it. I once scooped 5 huge cupfuls of water out of my fishtank to extinguish a fire! He didn't like it but I did the job. So that's probably more likely for a person like me... I'd be trying to put the fire out.
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