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It's funny that you bring up this topic of conversation as I was thinking of the same thing just a few days ago!

I would definitely try to get all my animals out with me, I'm lucky because one of my best friends live's just a block away from me and I have good acquaintances right across the street from me.

The plan I came up with is, get me and the dogs out first into the yard. If I can make it back in for a second trip (I would think so as step #1 would only take about 20 seconds max!), under one of my BP's tanks is where I keep my pillow cases. I would just run back in, grab one or two of the cases and just throw (gently of course!) my snakes inside and get the hell out A.S.A.P. I calculated that this would take me about 2 to 3 minutes max.

Unfortunately the tarantulas and breeding colonies are on the end of the list. It's much harder just to grab 10gal tanks and run and a whole bunch of mice and rats. Those would take me much more time but I would still try if I felt I had the time, especially for my tarantulas.

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