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Just to clarify, the things we (the WSPCR --the reptile society in BC) are taking issue with in this bylaws are mostly the Common boa constrictor and the Green iguana. We do pretty much reserve the opinion that there should be regulatory bylaws rather than bans however since we do not anticipate compliance on that from the governement we are making compromises. As long as they have grandfathering and only target the giant species of snake, crocodilian, venemous, and large monitors we do not make such a fuss. Actually we have pointed out to these people that while they have targetted an few species that should not be on the list they have also left many off. We see that they are trying to be fair because when we first caught wind of this it was much broader and I believe it was our input which caused them to narrow it down. There is one individual on this counicl or comittee who is particulkarily disturbing because she has a vendetta for the common boa constrictor. It is that sort of person we will be fighting. The propsed law as a whole is much more reasonable than it could have been.
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