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id never risk live feeding! anyway i wouldnt be able to! id have to keep the mouse, with a little wheel, water bowl, maybe a hamster ball, mousey paradise!
i used to carry my german shepherd (tessa) around my house wrapped up in a blanket like a little baby but the latest German shepherd, puppy would have any of that!
my pet rat (ratty ) was choking on some toast the other night! it was scary, she was foaming at the mouth and coughing for ages, i wrapped her up, and tried the ratty heimlich manouver! i had to stick my fingers in her mouth to clear her throat, and she kept crawling up on me, getting ratty slobber on me i sat with her for hours wrapped up like a baby! shes still here thank god, but if it wasnt for my ratty fling and heimlich manouver then shed have probably choked and died!
oh yes! i may be wierd... but this wierdo comes with new, improved Live Journal action!
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