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At the risk of bringing up an old topic, one that almost turned into a flame, I would like to add a few comments.

1. I don't think there is a tremendous difference between banning snakes 2' and banning large constrictors. The reason that they say 2', IMO, is to stop any large constrictors from attaining the huge size. Aside from colubrids, that is. I don't necessarily agree with the laws, but I can understand how they came up with it.

2. Again, this is the reason behind why we, as the responsible herpers out there, need to follow the laws put forth, whether they are right or wrong. Some people had suggested in an earlier post that the laws are incorrect, and therefore they are going to do whatever they want. This type of behavior does this hobby no good. Again, I reiterate, if you do not like the laws in your area, then do what you can to change them respectively and with a level head. Get flyers going, meet with your local authorities, maybe even meet with your city government. Go prepared, and have your facts straight and all layed out. Give them numbers, statistics, and alternate ammendments. Above all else, project yourself as a respnsible and knowledgeable keeper. Going in there and spouting off about unfair laws is NOT the way to go.

I know of people that break the laws all the time....I even knew of someone that smuggled a ball python into another country!! This is the type of actions that will continue to cause complete bans in our cities. These are the people that hurt the hobby for the rest of us. Again, keep in mind that the general public has a fear of snakes and reptiles in general..smuggling or illegally keeping them further feeds their fears.

Although the laws may not be what you want, or if you want to make a difference in your city, then do it the right way. And until the law does change, then do your part and follow it. There would be nothing more embarassing than for a person to fight to change the laws in their area, only for the local authorities to find that you are breaking the law in the first place!!
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