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Abbotsford area went through this last year, and with the WSPCR member showing up with actual facts and figures for sizing, animal collection contents, the fact that it is more than a hobby, the un education of the general public, and all of the faulty myths, the group along with PSAC was able to have a civil talk with city council. The council did take a good long hard at the facts on salmonella, escapees, rescues, to the factual number of reptil keepers, and the did come up with a set of by-laws that all involved (other than those animal activist junkies whom have nothing better to bitch about). These by-laws restricted venomous, crocadilian, larger boids, spiders, wild cats, dogs, large exotics such as elephants (dang it all, there goes pet dumbo).
But all in all, it is good if the club members do show their support and write a civil but truthful letter to the council, and do attend the meetings, as it does affect us all.
Abbotsford did the right thing, and if we can pursuade the city council there to look at the reptiles in general, then the same members should bring the facts they showed with last time and attend the PoCo council meetings as well.
I did write the council of PoCo a letter of concern, and I encourage others to do the same.
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