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Talking How far would you go for your pet?

Got any cool devotional stories? My baby Rainbow, Mambo No. 5, was starving for his weekly mouse. I hadn't yet got him to eat thawed so I pulled him out and tossed a live mouse in a feeding tank with him. Mambo crept up and delivered a deadly blow to the mouse, biting him in the face. The problem was that the mouse had opened his mouth during the strike and was biting Mambo too. I sprang into action. My first instinct (please don't read any further if you are squeemish) was to bite the little SOB until I rippied his friggin' head off. I got the rat about 2" from my mouth and thought "What the hell am I doing"? I proceeded to squish his little noggin into a bloody pulp, pryed Mambo away and made a dive for the peroxide and antibiotic ointment. Mambo and everyone else eat thawed now or they do not eat at all!

My German Shepard (Sasha) was hit by a car and barely survived. During her recovery, I carried her everywhere. I cooked steak, chicken and pork for her EVERY night. Whatever I ate, she ate. I covered the sofa with a sheet and kept her in the house until my dad got home at 11:00 PM. We have been linked ever since. This dog would die for me if she had too, I have no doubt.
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