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I've heard of some people keeping them in them with no problems.

The problems I see with it:

1. Possible escape. Some chams are crafty and can jump. A common defence behavior is to drop from trees.

2. You would have to cup feed. It is generally not recommended because the tongue does not get stretched to different distances and can get "flabby". Once a tongue loses it tone - its hard to get it back. Chams need the stimulation and exercise hunting provides.

3. Predators/children bothering your cham. I wouldn't use a condo if I had any dogs or cats in the house (no matter how friendly or lazy they are).

4. Hydration. I know it comes with a dripper - but you're going to make an awful mess with misting. If you can take your cham to the shower/tub frequently for a good misting/shower then its not a problem.

5. Humidity. I don't think it would hold humidity like a cage can - but a humidifer in the room works just fine. Chams can tolerate low humidity as long as they are adequately hydrated.

6. Privacy. Most chams are not very social. The more foliage the better. Not alot of hiding spaces in the condo - the cham may feel very "displayed".

7. Plants. Pothos would work great in this set-up, which is fine as long as your cham doesn't eat them. Pothos are very high in oxalic acid, which binds with calcium and forms a salt that accumulates in the kidneys.

Just some things to consider. :O)


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