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Re: Riverrun (Poss Temp Name)

Originally Posted by millertime89 View Post
Retics can take 25% of their body weight without much trouble. 30% is the max I've fed but that was only when I didn't have anything smaller. 15-20% is a weekly or biweekly meal for my snakes. Furthermore, the last thing you want is a retic that's hooked on mice (you would need to feed dozens each week as they get bigger) so you want to at least get her on rats as fast as possible. Myself and many other people feel that a retic should never be offered a mouse period unless it's a baby that hasn't started eating and you've tried everything else. At that size I would be feeding pups or weaned rats if not a very small small if nothing else is around.
Well all I have right now is pinky, fuzzy, and jumbo mice or 4-8 oz rabbits, which I know for certain she will not be able to get down as those are bigger than she is and is for the 6' boa. I'm getting the next shipment on my paycheck next week, so I was just giving her mice for a couple of feedings until they got here. I don't want to give her too large of meals, so I think I'm going to stick to 15%, which should be plenty for her, and should be rats in the 20-25 gram range, give or take some grams. If getting stuck on mice is a legitimate concern, I can just hold off on her next feeding for a couple of days and feed her next Friday instead of Tuesday.

Originally Posted by prairiepanda View Post
Looking at the girth of the snake next to your thumb, I would think rat pups would be plenty big enough. I can't imagine trying to cram a small rat in there I've never seen a jumbo mouse in person, but 3x her size would be quite a stretch. The rat pups I get are 21-30g, so 15 to 20% of your girl's weight. A bit more than you seem to want to do, but she'll catch up quickly in weight and it won't be long before those pups are the 10% you're after! That said, it does seem like with retics people usually feed more than that.
The jumbo mice I got in the initial shipment were 20-70 grams. I'm not sure what object I could compare them to, but the couple I have left are 4"-4.5" long without the tail.
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