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Re: Riverrun (Poss Temp Name)

Originally Posted by bigsnakegirl785 View Post
I'd always heard 10-15% of weight, and some went as large as 15-20%. I'm not wanting to overfeed her, so I'd rather not go with the absolute largest meal she can take. I'd like to grow her at a reasonable pace, feeding slightly conservatively, so I guess I'll stick to 15% then, which will put her at jumbo mice. I believe small rats are the equivalent?

I thought the jumbos would be too large for her. lol I have some stocked up for the bp, but they were 3x her girth so I didn't feel comfortable feeding them to her.
Looking at the girth of the snake next to your thumb, I would think rat pups would be plenty big enough. I can't imagine trying to cram a small rat in there I've never seen a jumbo mouse in person, but 3x her size would be quite a stretch. The rat pups I get are 21-30g, so 15 to 20% of your girl's weight. A bit more than you seem to want to do, but she'll catch up quickly in weight and it won't be long before those pups are the 10% you're after! That said, it does seem like with retics people usually feed more than that.
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