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Riverrun (Poss Temp Name)

I just picked up a poss het purple albino female reticulated python at the local reptile show yesterday, I've been wanting one of these for 3-4 years now! The person who bred her wasn't there, but one of the vendors said that she may have been born around October. If I had to guess, she's probably right around 3.5', somewhere around 3'-3.5' at least, and she weighs 150 grams. So far she's been very laid back, inquisitive, and on the go. She seems to be just as aware and interested in her surroundings as Draco is, and crawled right up to me when I came to check up on her (just stood outside the tank, didn't bother her). I've got her set up in a temporary tank set up while I wait for her heat tape to ship in so I can get her set up in her tub, that way she'll have heat until the tape gets here.

She'll be in a tub until she gets some size to her, and then I'll move her into Bud's old 6' enclosure until she outgrows that. I'm thinking of naming her Riverrun unless I get a better name suggestion. Now to resist the temptation to handle her!

Here are some photos!

0.0.1 ball python Bud - 3.3 BI Cloud, sunglow Nymeria, ghost Tirel, anery motley Crona, ghost Howl, jungle Dominika - 2.0 garter snake eastern Demigod, checkered Draco - 0.1 retic Riverrun - RIP (Guin, Morzan, Sanji, and Homura - BRBs)
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