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While it might not look that bad, it is. Think of the consequences. Once the Okanagan starts banning, the rest of the Province will start too. This has happened in the GVRD area and we are constantly in a battle with city councils to keep what we have.

There is some exemptions for certain organizations to keep the prohibited animals, but NOT to display them for educational purposes. A bit backward I think. I don't see the reason for them to ban the large constrictors. I am a owner of a burmese python and I am aware of a burmese owner in Kelowna. Now there is a Grandfather clause, but honestly I don't see the reason for banning the large constrictors. I think it is only because of recent publicity concerning Kerry-Ann Koop and Boaz Pythonamous.

Also, while I'm not a big fan of iguanas(I do own one) as pets who am I as a large constrictor owner to tell anyone else what they keep? We as herpers have to stick together, even if our views differ a bit.
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