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Re: Advice to get new ball python to eat?

Originally Posted by MetalBurrito View Post
It isn't that I am not taking anyone's advice, but I have explained the same things a few times ie the temperatures and tank set up, not to mention I have checkedand double checked the husbandry, which is why I am frustrated that this is still being brought up. Also, You are the 3rd person who has mentioned me guessing the temps of the BREEDERS home (not my tank) and I have explained that a few times as well. I have double and triple checked the temperatures and humidity at different times of the day since I got her. The tank right now is at 88 on the warm side, 82 on the cool side, and the spot with the heating pad is 92. Sooo yeeah, Im not guessing these temperatures, I'm reading them off the TWO thermometers in the tank. The only thing I don't have that any of you has said anything about is a second hide, and I am explaining that I don't believe that to be the issue since her previous owner had no issues feeding, and did not have anything in her enclosure whatsoever except a water bowl. Other rgan that, based on what YOU GUYS have said, there is nothing wrong as far as husbandry goes. And I did take the advice on consistency, which is why I haven't tried any other methods, except for one person saying that I should try setting the mouse on the lid so she smells it and gets hungry, which I tried the last time. (And she actually did show more interest, but in the end still refused to eat) i have not tried cleaning her tank before feeding because she is new, and I want her to be settled in, and I feel like that would stress her out. And I'm going to try feeding her live, but I had already bought frozen, so I have tried that a few times, yes. I am going to try live this next time now that I have no more frozen.
You can't compare the breeders set up with your tank.

I use bins for all of my babies. I never use hides however if I sell one to someone with a tank I suggest the two hides. Don't disregard proper advice.
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