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Re: Advice to get new ball python to eat?

I just tried to feed my 5 year old royal who hasn't eaten since October 30th he weighed 1381grams and weighed him two days ago and weighed in at 1290grams. He always does it in winter breeding season as well and I'm not worried at all he's lost a wee bit weight and is still healthy and active. I just tried to intice him with a rat dipped in tuna brine he just had a sniff and went back in hiding other things I've tried when he was young was put him and the rat in a pillow case and left him for 3 hours and when I came back he had ate it you could try braining the rat crack its skull a little so a little bit of its brain can be seen also dip it in chicken broth or try mice and rats different colours try feeding at night or first thing in the morning. You could also try multimamates or gerbils but once they taste them its hard to get them back to rats but two weeks is not long at all let her settle in and try feeding every 5 to 7 days but don't worry they eat when there ready my boa has never refused a meal I've had snakes for 20 years garters corns bullsnakes pythons and boas but royals are the most finky eaters hope this helps
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