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Angry Have to vent -> Darn cable company!

I just spent about two hours on the phone with the cable company trying to fix my account problems. The first three calls I made (to the appropriate number) kept redirecting me to the wrong department, after waiting on hold 20-30 minutes each time of course!

On the fourth call, I told the guy to transfer me to the right department. He tried and failed and I had to start over again.. Argh!!! So I called a fifth time and this time the guy managed to transfer me to the right department.

I then get to speak to an agent (4th time this month over the same problem with promises each time to get my sh*t fixed) but the guy is a total assh*le, extremely rude, refuses to help me and when I ask to speak to a supervisor he says no can do. I'm like "excuse me???, I've spoken to your supervisor at least 3 times this month!". He says his super is too busy to take an insignificant call like mine!!! I am totaly furious at this point and demand the agent's name, he doesn't comply, I ask again 2 more times and the last time, the f*cker hangs up on me!!!!

I am boiling mad at this point and ready to break everything in my sight! I was shaking I was so pissed, thank God that guy wasn't in front of me cause I would have shredded him to peices! After a few minutes trying to compose myself and punching the **** out of my mattress and pillows, I call back.

Thankfully the agent I was connected to was very curteous and polite and handled all my problems within a few minutes, everything is settled now. I tell him about my previous conversation with the last agent and voice my displeasure of being treated in such a way.

Now I have 2 supervisors investigating the matter and it's for sure the guy will have a written warning in his file. They even tape all the calls so I can't wait till this guy gets it! The best part is according to my account and all information and notes within, I was clearly in the right the whole time. Because of him, the company could have not received their payment as that was one of the reasons of my call.

So that's been my morning... I had to vent! It's been a long time since someone has managed to get me so riled up!

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