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eyespy's snake picture challenge

My mom and I were talking about how funny it is that I love snakes and other reptiles so much when most of the people in my family really hate them. Since before I could remember my grandfather and I were out catching herps and I was loving every minute of it. My mom has always tolerated my hobby on a "don't ask, don't tell and for heaven's sake don't let them escape" basis.

My theory is: there is no such thing as an ugly snake. Some are more stunning than others but all are beautiful in their own way.

My mom's theory is: there is no such thing as a beautiful snake. All of them are gross.

My challenge to you folks is: prove both of us wrong. Find me a snake pic that I think is ugly, I dare you! An even bigger challenge might be to find one that my mother can agree is beautiful.

In order to avoid copyright issues, please don't just post a pic that isn't your own. Either get permission or just shoot me a link to the picture. We don't want to get anyone mad at us when we're just trying to have fun with snake pics.
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