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Unhappy Just A Spiffy Day....

Ok day started out ok got up was 5:30am went to get some coffee, drats no creamer.. so called to let the girl know we was leaving to come get Savanna, got on the road,, well almost there the directions was messed up and we sorta got lost, no biggie can handle that.. Get to where we was going she didnt have the cage taken apart so we had to stay there longer to do that, ok still no biggie so we go to put everything in the truck sure enough the frame was alittle to big so we had to move the seats all the way up.. well nothing like sitting right in the windsheild..aaarrrrrrr, So everything was going not to bad other than uncomfortable sitting and driving with your face stuck in the glass..LOL!!! Now we get to a strech of highway that the speed is reduced and sure enough the cops pull us over,, well we was clocked at 10 over the speed limit..geezzzzz.. Sure enough he wants to know what all the stuff is in the back of the truck, well i told him and the first thing that came out of his mouth was keep the snake away from me i hate um and i would rather see um all about mad that really pissed me off, what a moron!!! So then we finally get home, been on the road a total of 5hrs and sure enough my kids tell me the power has been going on and off all day.. no biggie it happens here out in the woods.. sure enough it finally goes off again right in the middle of remodifying the cage, crap no power, no drill or saw to use.. F*** this, and now im getting alittle pissed , well come to find out our power was not due to come back on till 10 pm. what the F*** else is gona go wrong!!! Wow, look its 8pm and the power is now back on but guess what the saw has a bad blade.. Poor Savanna patiently waits curled up on a heat source thinkin (gee lady are you ever gona put me in my house..) What a good girl she is!!! What a messed up day i had... LOL!!!!!! And now someone wants to make crappy prank phone calls to my house.. whats next? Just thought i would share my wonderful day and evening with you all...

Heres a pic of the next boa thats commin in.. "Coco Smoochie" thats what im gona call her.. aint she sweet..
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Warnning! Owner is to busy playing with her critters, tarantulas loose everywhere!!
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