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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

Originally Posted by Thorn View Post
Elapidae hands down for me <3 Mostly the Black Mamba... I mean... How can you argue with the speed, shiny black scales and deadly factor? <3
I would definitely vote Elapidae as well for the sake of King and Egyptian Cobra's.
Anatolius - 1.0 Honduran Milk (Lampropeltis Triangulum Hondurensis) Valentina - 0.1 Sonoran Gopher (Pituophis Catenifer Affinis) Medusa - 0.1 Black-Tailed Rattlesnake (Crotalus Molossus Molossus) Bubba - 1.0 AZ Mountain King (Lampropeltis Pyromelana)
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