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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

My vote was for Colubrid's because well...I'm a Colubrid guy and I love em. Possibly slightly biased because my first snake is a Cali King, but I did alot of research before getting him and Colubrid's just fit the bill for us. There are so many King morphs (Coastal Phase, Aberrant, MBK, Thayeri, AZ Mountain), Milk Morphs (Honduran, Sinaloan, Nelson), and Corn morphs that I love, I simply want em all. It was very tough deciding which one to get first, but now Im determined to simply collect all of the ones I want.

Let me make one thing clear, my vote for favorite actually might have gone Viperidae if I felt my chances of actually owning at least one would be greater than 30%. If I actually could get one, I would want nothing more than my own AZ Black Rattle Snake. Heck I wouldn't mind a Mojave, Western Diamondback, or Sidewinder for that matter. However Ill just stop now while Im ahead of myself.
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