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Thanks everyone for your suport

your right linds and Lisa you are right in not wanting to visit or see the park but some people just can't picture what I'm saying as being real until they see it. out of sight out of mind.

They've already been asked to up grade there park for safty reasons because it was very easy for the tigers to jump the 6ft fences. now its about 8ft and theres an electric fences that the tigers get shocked on when ever they rub against the posts.

The Humain socity won't do anything as always but I'm sending in a letter to WSPA (world society for the protection of animals) because they are haveing a world wide search on inhumain zoos so i'm hoping they might be able to help me. I'm also trying to get a hold of Zoocheck to see if they would be will to help me in this mission.

thanks agian everyone and Kate I hope maybe if we get things rolling for this zoo we might be able to help you out with yours unless its already been taken care of. I'll keep everyone posted!!

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