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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

Originally Posted by shaunyboy View Post
do you still have the Diamond Jungle and the Jag Chuck ?

the Diamond Jungles my favorite,but the Jags a beauty to

cheers shaun

P.S. Your old Bredl is very nice as well
Still have my Diamond x Jungle and My Jungle Jag. I have four Carpets at the moment but hopefully i'll be getting some babies. Plus i might be getting a super nice Tiger Jag female that will be a nice girlfriend for my Diamond x Jungle once she old enough.
Boas: 1.0 Pastel, 2.2 Brazilian Rainbows Pythons: 0.1 Lesser Royal, The Carpets 2.0 Jungle, 1.0 Jungle x Jag, 0.1 Tiger Jag, 0.1 Coastal Cheers Chuck
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