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Re: What's your favourite snake family?

Originally Posted by reptiledude987 View Post
Agreed. Im intregued by this as I've heard the theory before but as stated previously Ive seen no solid evidence backing it up. evidence is always what I base by beliefs on hence why as previously stated its not a matter of religous reasoning but seeing proof of the theory. Of course I understand that its only a theory due to the fact that theres not rock solid proof or it would be fact as opposed to theory. However I love seeing small pieces of evidence to support these types of theories.
That's really just the colloquial use of the term theory. As an example, evolution is a "theory" but it's not "just a theory". It's well thought out, debated, and backed up with evidence.

Theory - In science, an explanation or model that covers a substantial group of occurrences in nature and has been confirmed by a substantial number of experiments and observations. A theory is better verified than a hypothesis.
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