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There's a zoo similar to this just outside where I live.. It's called the Papanack Zoo and while I visited, I was sick when I saw the conditions... They had 6 or 7 lemurs in a SMALL cage... they had a striped hyena that lived in an extremely small enclosure... his 'hide' was a cement block and when I asked the keeper if he even had any water, he told me there was a dog bowl somewhere around ... and then he went to feed the hyena and threw the food right at him, hitting him several times in the head.

So I know what this zoo could be like, and just to those people who think that the pictures on the website don't look so bad, I'd like to remind you of the many ways to manipulate a photo lol.. the Papanack brochures make the park look very nice, but it was very, very sad.

If you truly feel that this zoo cannot be fixed, or continue to be in operation then I will definitely sign the petition!

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