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Jacobson's Organ And Water???

ok first time i have witnessed this event also. i was giving my new ball python a bath, it wanted out, quick. so it would put its entire body almost totally under water, and its head would stay under water for 30 seconds at a time. it would act as if the water was not even there, it swam around rubbing it's nose on the bottom in search of a way out. and all the while it was flickin it'd tongue as if it were in air. my question is: can the jacobson's organ actually work under water? or was the python merely doing it as reflex? i dunno but it was submerged for long periods at a time and it just kept flicking it's tongue, it was odd to say the least.
also my baby ball when getting a drink from it's dish will submerge its entire head for long ammounts of time while getting a drink. sometimes nearly a minute. its whole head it just completely under and it actually drinks! is that normal? i catch it doing that every now and then, most of the time it drinks normal.
ball pythons are very odd............i gotta catch this stuff on camera sometimes.........
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