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Thanks for the info Jeff, I appreciate your comments. I have been doing some reading on the Board of Inquiry, and let me just say, SHEESH!!! PEOPLE!

Originally posted by Bryce Masuk
Froglet its me thats from B.c. I live in langley so i am like 10 minutes from hte border a friend of mine lives right on the peace arch border you must live near lynden or bellingham then huh
Actually it only takes 10-15 minutes to get to Bellingham from the Peace Arch. I live down in Mt. Vernon.

I plan on going to the northwest reptile show in tacoma right? in october since its bigger then the ones we get up here I hope its legal to bring reptiles across in a car
Actually the big reptile show is in Puyallup, assuming you mean the Northwest Captive Breeder's Expo. October 11 & 12, more info here: and you can come meet me at the Pacific Northwest Herp Society booth! I am always there with bells on at the big shows.

I have picked up rescue animals in White Rock and Burnaby and successfully brought them into the US at both the Peace Arch and the truck crossing. Don't forget your birth certificate or passport, the US customs dudes are really uptight!!

Also if you're into frogs there is a Northwest Frog Fest November 1st in Gig Harbor, WA....
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