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Guam Invader

If it is the Guam invader than there is nothing that can be done. Scientists have been trying to irradicate the Guam invader (Boiga irregularis) from the island for years. It is an introduced species which has caused the extinction of many bird species.

The Guam invader has wreaked havoc on Guam ecosystem for years. It is hard to accept the possible irradication of a species from an island but it has to be done. Without any real predators, the Guam invader has been allowed to kill off species, breed with great success thus creating an irreversable effect on Guams ecosystem.

Relocation of this snake is not a likely option for a couple of reasons:
1. It's plentiful throughout most of its native range
2. Relocating animals to other areas invites the spread of disease.
3. Relocating most reptiles to totally different areas historically has not been tremendously successful.

Hope this sheds some light on the situation
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