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Mad Hatter: The bonsai kitty page is a joke. The didn't actually shove *any* cats into jars, and if you examine the pictures carefully you'll see that. The pics they show that *are* real are very small kittens crawling into very large jars that they could not possibly get stuck in. It's a joke. Laugh.

The cat scan page does not appear to be a joke. Most if not all of those appear to be actual scans of actual cats. However, almost all of them are scans of the cat's feet or butt while they sit/stand on the scanner. There are only one or two face shots, and I don't see a hand holding the cats head so it has to look at the scanner. I've owned a lot of cats in my time, so I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that their owners coaxed them onto the scanner and took the scan fast while the cat stodd force involved. My cats like to get onto/into everything, so I can definitely see them getting on a scanner. Another note...I have not only scanned my face, I have *copied* it as well, and the brief flash of bright light (many scanners don't have lights anymore) is far from torture. It's mostly just a surprise (note the look of surprise on the face of the cat...LOL). Once again, LAUGH. *I* think it's funny.

- Victoria :w
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