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yes the owners in there own way love the animals and it is a family run zoo but these animals need more then the owners love. They have made a lot of money off there tigers (in a mazda chermical) and do have the money to up grade the incloser but instead they have chosen to make the park bigger. meaning more exotic animals kept in the same tiny inclosers.

don't be fooled buy that web page these people love there animals but the frist question i was asked at my interview was "what are you veiws on animal rights" If I had told her how i really fealt I woudn't have gotten the co-op. Now that means she knows that she's not doing somthing right and is trying to avoid it being brought to the serface.

I don't have the co-op any more because I don't like to lie about these things and it was just not somthing i felt right doing.
I'm not trying to be mean to these people I think if they kept there zoo open that it would be better suited for farm animals like the lamas and there raccons.

its not fare for these animals... even if they are loved.


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