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1 millon snakes are going to be killed within the next year waht can we do to stop??

As much as i hate to be the burden of bad news today while watching "o'sheas big adventures" they were in a small island I thnk it was near bruma or something near there but anyway the people and army have decided that the population of interdouced pests " brown tree vipers" are to much of a neucinece in the eposide they found around ten snakes that they bagged and killed one they kept for lab testing. They are planning on whipping out every snake of the 1 millon located on the island. They say thjey have killed to many people and caused to many problems they are going to introduce a killer virus thatolny effects snakes to wipe them all out!! it's hard for me to even think of this because many other species of snakes live on that island. They also frize them to death! THEY CANNOT DO THIS!!! what can we do cuz i dunno what to do but we can't let them kill over 1 millon inicent snakes we just can't does anyon have i deas can we start somethign did anyone else hear of this or her if they've changed there minds? I'm so disgusted after watching the man claimed to be a snake lover!!! but claimed to be a realist and understood they had to go a REALIST??
REALIST= crulty!!!
plz does anyone have ideas I don't want them to become exticent
whjat can we do?????????
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