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I got a custom shop strat 22 frets rosewood fretboard dunlop jumbo frets and a kahler(spelling) traditional locking trem and a single seymour duncan distortion humbucker in the bridge position no pick guard and just a volume controll.I also have a regular tobacco sunburst fender strat just good old plain jane strat.My true love though is my tacoma c2c chief with the lace pickup super low action plays like a strat to bad I cannot do her justice my hands lack behind my mind these days.Oh cran man the telies are sweet real sweet I would also like to have a Gretsch (spelling) If I win the lotto. Cran I will give you the changes time and melody line soon I am so busy right now it is tough to do any thing and I am in no rush to finish these yet (no pressure for me on these) mixolydian is my fave man you know what mode do you dig? bro


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