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Exclamation Animal lovers please read!!!

I am here to tell all of you a heartbreaking story of animal anguish in hopes that you will lend me your support with the hard task I am faced with.

At the beginning of my 2nd semester of grade 12 I started my co-op classes I was thrilled when my co-op teacher informed me of a special co-op she thought would be perfect for me. The co-op placement was at a “Zoo” called The Lickety Spilt Ranch. I was very excited and quickly did what was necessary to get the interview. The first day I went to the Ranch was for the interview I had no idea what I was in store for. The second time I came to the Ranch I was shown around. This so called Zoo was in horrible horrible shape. I had to lie my way in to the co-op thinking if I had an inside view that I would be able to put a stop to what these animals have to endure.

At the zoo right now my main concern is the Tigers Ziggy and Casper. Yes they are hand-raised tigers but they are grossly over weight and living in a pen no bigger then a large back yard. There is no form of entertainment and their watering hole is a kitty pool to sizes to small. I am in no way an expert but I have been to many zoos small and big and this is the worst that I have ever seen.

Then there is the wolf, when we neared the wolf pen my first question was is that it? Is that all the room this creature gets? Of course I kept my questions to my self but watching that poor thing pacing back and forth back and forth was heart breaking.

When we entered the heated barn for the monkeys I wanted to cry. Now I’ve done the whole volunteering and behind the scenes stuff at the Sandiago(SP?) Zoo, Sea World and the wild animal park plus the Toronto zoo when I was 14 and I was told a number of times how all monkeys alike need mental stimulation and entertainment. In the winter these animals are kept in tiny pens with nothing for them to swing on nothing for them to play with. If you live in Canada you know how long our winters last and how long they are kept in there.

If you want further information on this please email me. I am in no way an expert at zoo keeping. But it is my desired future career and all the information I have stated has come from professionals.

To be fare I will leave you the URL to the lickety split Ranch.

I will also give you the report from a little organization called Zoo check that they did on Lickety split Ranch it is very informative. And even though it was a few years ago things have not changed the way they should have.

Why I have posted this, is for your support in this matter the Zoo is located in London Ontario and if you visit the web page you will be shown how to find it. Go and see for you self what its like for those innocent animals. If you would like to help me please email me or respond to this thread so that I can add your name to a petition to have the zoo terminated and the animals given to willing zoos and better homes.

Thank you very much for your time in this matter and if you disagree with me please be polite in you response
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