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...Hmm, I have yet to see snow Leopards in person. Sad sad..
And on the topic of big kitties.. I was told today that one of the guys that we got Suma from was attacked by an 800lb bengal tiger Last night.. I know thats incredably huge considering males usually only get 5oo and um odd pounds but This is what Nick said..(maybe I misheard?)
...The injuries was to his head mostly particularly angling his face
and completly crushing the back half of his skull, And as of now he is in life surrport..
Sadly the tiger was killed.. Jeff says the reason of the attack was because he went into the cage while feeding of the cat... Either way the animal was killed because of the ignorant keeper...
Just a note to fellow Cat keepers or any animal that is thought of as "Tame"...
Now I know why mom hates it when I show my cats to friends..
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