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Re: What/How did you get into Hot's and what was your first?

My husband, while I love him, is not so bright sometimes. He is a venomous guy and started before we got together. His first "hot" was a black mamba. He has also kept inland taipans, snout nose cobras, Egyptian cobras, western green mambas, a copperhead, a tiger rattler, a Mojave rattler, Vogels vipers, multiple types of lance heads (one of which is about 5ft long), puff adders, death adders, gaboon vipers, rhino vipers, and a plethora more that I'm sure I'm forgetting. Whenever someone seriously asks him (and it is a bit of a joke with venomous keepers because it irritates the crap out of them as they believe you need to fully do your own research and make your own decision), he says pick something indigenous to the area. That way if you DO get a bite, the anti venom will be readily available. He also recommends getting a garter snake first, so you learn how to deal with a rear fanged snake. And he does not EVER condone free handling of a venomous species like some people in videos online are wont to do.

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