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Well, from my experience from scorpions, that truly does not look right.
Here's a pic of what an emperor scorpion looks like under a black light. Notice the shades of black and blue, showing an obvious "glow" from fluro light.
Notice also the blackness around the picture. Just like black-light posters, you need to turnout the lights in order for the uv light to work. The scorpions will not glow in broad daylight.
Not to mention, the uv bulbs create a tremendous amount of stress for the creatures living under it. Try living under a black light for a few weeks and you will see for yourself; a significant decrease in your health and well-being.
Scorpions will also lose the ability to flouresce as the uv dammages their exoskeleton. It will only work for a short while until enough dammage has been done.
Anyways, if the uv light is in fact the case here, the herps at shows are under enough stresses without putting them through such an irresponsible practice in order for a sale. (Not to mention letting them all swarm over each other like that...)
<img src=""></center><p>
WHEW! Ill get off my soap-box now! lol

Adding on:
NO WAY.. You know what? Looking closer at the pic, theres NO WAY that those are under a uv light...

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