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Question to all the players(and shane too)

I am currently working on a couple of tunes for a friend of mine (his group does orignals only) and I have hit a bit of an impass in the writing process(the problem when you have trained in theory for 15 years)The tunes are in A minor (very dark and desperate) they would put you in mind of something from the west coast in the mid 90's(hey we write what we feel) Well I Now have to come up with leads for these tunes.I could stay diatonic to the scale or as I have been noodling with going for the the feel thing (c lydian) with of course passing tones to keep the tone correct but to impart musical tension (thusly a state of flux)

I know it is easy to stay to the safe and sound in the tonal zone but when we walk in the wasteland for a bar or two we create a place were we can say to others hey!!!! I do have something to say listen to what it is!!!!!So what do you all think?(hey cran man I know you know were I am coming from) I just want some opinions whatever they may be (harmonic minor demons need not apply)


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