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Originally posted by J_Riley
So, she kept 2 down, but barfed on the third one? How often is she fed? Weekly? Once she chucks, you gotta give her some time off before offering food again
Yep, weekly feedings, and yep, she tossed 3 days ago and I'm not going to feed again until next weekend.

The two most common causes are low temperatures and handling too soon after feeding. Parasites (crypto) can also be a cause, but seem to have been ruled out here, along with temperature (what are the nighttime lows?).
Well I didn't handle her after the feeding that prompted puking, but I DID leave her in her feeding tub overnight which is a little cooler than her regular tank. Nighttime lows in my herp room are about 72F-74F. I doubt crypto, as the male she lives with is huge and healthy.

Another possibility is constipation, does the snake in question go regularly? Can you feel any lumps in the snake's lower 1/3 of the body?
She pooped the first time for sure, but I'm not sure she's pooped from her second meal. I'll give her a little massage this afternoon and a warm bath.

Other less obvious possibilities include obstructive lesion of the digestive tract, either inside (e.g. foreign body ingested or inspissated (thickened) stool) or outside it (abscess, granuloma [a mass or nodule of chronically inflamed tissue with granulations that is usually associated with an infective process] or tumor). Injested toxins can also cause regurge.
Excellent, thank you for the possible suggestions!! I will talk with my vet about these and get back to my research.

Is the regurge blood tinged?
No, just mucousy (which led me to believe it was parasites). I didn't take in the regurged mouse for testing of saliva, which is on my list of troubleshooting if she regurg's again.

Also I will work on setting up a cage for her to seperate her from the potentially stressful male (I've been thinking he's big enough to eat her anyway). Lastly I'll mention that my herp room is nearly dead silent, aside from crickets chirping and water from the bio-wheel in the aquarium trickling down. Noise is definately not a factor up there.

Thanks so much!
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