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Thumbs down Seeking advice on cornsnake regurgitation

Hi! I just posted a newbie thread in the intro forum in case you're wondering who the heck I am.

I recently took in a rescue corn snake. She is 8 years old, 5 feet long, and only weighs 272 grams (skinny as a rail). The former owner told me that she's a proven breeder and after her clutch of 20 eggs last year, she started occasionally regurgitating and occasionally refusing food. Since that time she lost a lot of weight.

I took in the snake 4 weeks ago. She's had a clean fecal exam from the vet, eaten three meals of 1 adult mouse each, and regurgitated the last mouse she ate. WOW is that ever nasty!

So I'm seeking input on what could cause regurgitation if we've (mostly) eliminated parasites. I haven't had a complete blood panel done yet, but it's on the checklist for figuring out the problem. Just saving the money for the test - they're *expensive* here.

She is housed with a male corn (her proven breeder mate) in a large glass tank (3'wx2'dx18"h). They have several hides and a gradient from about 76F (ambient) to 90F (basking). Humidity in my herp room is about 40% all the time.

tia for any comments or advice! She's the little one in the picture.
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