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I live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, master bedroom has a huge garden tub completly surounded by plants vines and full bathroom. its a manufactured moble home on 10 acres of wooded land with few acres of pasture for the horses. its out in the middle of nowhere on a hill to boot. The driveway goes a quarter of a mile back to my house.. I have 10 snakes soon to be 13 and one plated lizard, 3 horn frogs, a huge tank full of fish, 12 trantulas, 3 dogs 1 neo mastiff, 1 boston terrier,1 english bulldog..
a tone of feeder mice rats and some gerbils, rabbits are in the freezer along with other feeders.. outside its horses, deer, and bears when they come around and tons wild life, the occasional bobcat , coyote, raccoons and owls.. am working on getting my best friends 6ft nile monitor..
Warnning! Owner is to busy playing with her critters, tarantulas loose everywhere!!

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