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ok i havent had my say yet so hereit goes LOL
i have to agree with dom on this I believe if you have a big enough enclosure you can house snakes together(some) obviously not cannibalistic ! but as i have mentioned on here before i have two enclosures the same size 12'lx6'wx7'h in them I keep : in one I keep a 16'albino female burm and a 14' normal burm male in the other i keep a male and female 12' tiger retic AND a 11' normal female burm these three are only 1.5 years old so arent very heavy yet ALL my snakes i house together coinside with no problems what so ever come feeding time i remove them feeding one at a time, no fuss no muss.Im not saying this may work for everybody but its worked for me for a few years but to each his own.
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